28 March 2012

Speedy Salmon and Pimped Orzo...

...with the beautiful, sunny weather we've been having lately I decided to spend some time in the garden, getting it ready to sow some veggie crops in the next week or so...as a result I am trying to find simple, speedy suppers for Mr and myself...and not only that, meals that are not too heavy...but not salads all the time.
It was with this in mind that I took some salmon out to defrost this morning...

...I knew that I had some fresh asparagus and herbs in the fridge, so decided a Speedy Salmon and Pimped Orzo combo would do us fine tonight...

Serves: 2
Prep time: 5-10 mins
Cooking time: 20-25 mins (depending on how you like your salmon cooked)
*2 salmon fillets
*150g orzo
*1Tbsp chopped, fresh coriander
*1Tbsp chopped, fresh chives
*Juice of 1 lemon
*good handful toasted pine nuts
*packet of asparagus - about 
*2 knobs of butter
*1Tbsp olive oil

*Start by prepping the asparagus, trim any woody stems and chop the spears into 1inch lengths.
*Then chop your herbs, toast your pine nuts and squeeze your lemon...
*Now take your salmon fillets (I used skinned and boneless this time) and fry in olive oil and butter...until golden on the outside...Make sure you cook skin side first if your fillets have skin on and finish off with the top side...As each side cooks, you can see how well it is getting done...
...but be careful turning the salmon, it can be quite temperamental, and decide to snap in half on you!!! This should take about 5-10 mins per side depending on how you like your salmon cooked...I actually like mine quite well done (over cooked the professionals would say!!)

*Whilst the salmon is cooking, get the orzo on, it only takes about 5 mins to cook...super speedy...and you can pop the asparagus chunks in too...they will take about the same amount of time!! 2 for 1!!!

*Drain the orzo and asparagus and toss through the butter, herbs, pine nuts and lemon juice to taste...season and serve with the salmon...

I added some more veggies with mine, only because I had some baby corn to use up, so I quickly chopped and sautéed it in some olive oil and seasoning...

As I was eating mine, I flaked the salmon into the orzo and think it tasted better than just being on top or next to...will definitely be doing this dish again...and this one is all mine, no recipe links or the whatnot...it's all come from my head tonight...

It is a lovely fresh dish, with great flavours...I hope you enjoy it as much as we did...


  1. This sounds amazing. I've not cooked with orzo before but will definitley give it a go now. Sam

  2. It was a lovely dish and the orzo made a change from our usual couscous or rice...Sara x


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