6 April 2012

Fish for Good Friday...

...We're trying out the Lemon Sole with Brown Shrimp Butter tonight, from Lisa Faulkner's Book...this is now the 5th recipe to be tested...and hopefully it will be 5 for 5...It seems a pretty straightforward recipe...although it is a fish I have never cooked before...so I was a wee bit nervous!!
...it serves: 4 
...you need
*Lemon Sole fillets - 4 about 350g each...ish...
*Some oil or butter to fry the fish - I used a mix of olive oil and butter...
*White wine - about 100ml...use a good one, remember you should always use a wine you would drink for cooking!!
*Butter, salted - about 125g
*Brown Shrimps - 250g - but I used 180g (the supermarket sold them in 90g packs and they were on offer...2 for £5!)
*A decent pinch of Cayenne
*Lemon juice - fresh of course, about 1/2 lemon - I ended up using nearly a whole one as mine wasn't very 'juicy'!!
*Some chopped fresh parsley to serve - if you fancy!!

Even with my nerves, it turned out to be one of the easiest fish dishes I have ever cooked!!
To start with you heat the oil or butter (or in my case, a bit of both!) in a large pan, and fry the fish fillets...be warned they literally only take about 1-2 mins each side...make sure your heat is high and go skin side first...you can see from my picture the front ones are the first I cooked...being my first attempt at Lemon Sole I was a bit too cautious! However the second batch (at the top of the photo are way better!!)...Then pop them to one side - but keep them warm...

 ...then move on to the sauce/butter...add the wine to the pan, and get it to the boil...won't take long at all...add half the butter to it and melt it down...once it's melted, add the shrimp and that decent pinch of cayenne...keep it cooking while you cut the rest of the butter into cubes for in a minute...after about a minute, the butter and shrimps should be turning a nice nutty brown, and smell a bit nutty too...once this happens, take it off the heat and add in the rest of the butter (in cubes) and the lemon juice...if you fancy the chopped parsley pop it in now and pour the shrimp butter over the warm fish and serve...
We had crushed potatoes and buttered spring greens with ours...and I can honestly say this was restaurant quality food for a fraction of the price...and enjoyed at home with the rest of the bottle of wine...even Hubby asked if we could have it again!!! 

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  1. I love lemon sole and must be lovely with brown shrimps. They are very sweet and flavourful shrimps!


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