19 April 2012

Julie's Spanish Chicken...

...Remember a while ago we went out to "Dinner In With Friends"?? Well here is the recipe for the Spanish Chicken Jules made for us...

She popped over for coffee the other day...in fact it was the day we had these...

...and in her bag was the recipe for me...!! Yay!!

It is a really simple recipe, and the results are stunning...true peasant food in the best possible sense...not exactly 'pretty' food, but tasty, tasty food...which is just how we like it here...

Serves: 4
Cooking Time: 1-2 hours
*Chicken - thighs, bone-in or fillets, either works - but you need about 8 of them...
*Onions - 2, sliced into half moons
*Garlic - 2 cloves, crushed
*Chorizo - 150g, sliced
*Plain flour - 2Tbsp
*Paprika - 2tsp
*Tinned tomatoes - 400g
*Chicken Stock - 300ml
*Cannellini Beans - 1 400g tin, drained and rinsed well
*1tsp dried thyme - or a couple of sprigs of fresh - leaves only

So first off you need to put the flour and paprika in a plastic bag (one that will be big enough to hold the chicken) add some salt and pepper and pop in the chicken...seal the bag good and tight, and give it a really good shake...you want to get the chicken well and truly coated in the paprika flour mix...
Start by frying your chorizo...you don't need any oil for this step because the chorizo itself will release it's own paprika scented oil for you...and it is this that you will use that to fry the onions and garlic in too...maybe fry is too harsh a word, you actually want to soften them, but it won't be a problem if they start to colour slightly...
Once the chorizo, onions and garlic and done, take them out of the pan and add a tiny bit of oil, I used olive oil...then fry - and this time I do mean fry, you want the outside of the chicken to crisp up a little bit!!
...then you just add in all the rest (stock, tomatoes, thyme and beans)and give it a great big stir...so it should be looking a little like the picture above...Bring it to the boil, pop the lid on and put into a preheated oven at Gas 3/160c
After about an hour and a half-two hours in the oven the sauce will be thickened up and the chicken will be starting to fall apart...taste it and season if needed...the chorizo will have added a fair bit of it's own seasoning, as will the flour you added to the chicken at the start and the stock in the sauce...so do taste before just seasoning ad hoc...
I served ours with a little plain steamed rice and some home-made crusty bread...to mop up the delicious juices...This would be a great dish to stick in the middle of the table when friends are over for a relaxed dinner...add some green veg, rice and bread to make the perfect sharing meal...


  1. I love this type of chicken. Juicy and packed with flavour!

  2. Oh lordy I am soooo making this soon, it looks delicious.

    1. You really should, it's super easy to make and absolutely delicious!!!


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