1 February 2012

4 things I'm loving in my kitchen right now...

I think as well as being a self-confessed 'tweaker' of recipes I am also a bit of a gadget freak! I love shiny new toys in my kitchen, (not forgetting the older well loved ones too) and I have a few that right now are more than earning their keep.

Following on from my last post, I would have to say my bread machine is back on the list!! 

It's getting on a bit now, but seems to be going strong still (of course now I've said that...). It's a great one, with so many functions...but like many multi-function gadgets, there are about 3 I use most often and find most useful...The basic bake mode, the pizza dough mode and the basic dough mode...in fact, as I type this there is a batch of dough in proving ready to make lunchbox rolls...

The second thing on my list right now (and this is in no particular order) is my new Kenwood Chef Mixer. 

It was a Christmas present this year from hubby, and I have to say it's FAB! I was using the old fashioned 'elbow grease' method whilst baking until December (with the occasional help of a hand mixer and a 17 year old processor)...and I think I was doing pretty well...but that was then...the only thing that would make it better, is an extra bowl (guess I know what to put on my birthday list).

The next item would have to be the Nespresso machine I bought for hubby's birthday (although he is convinced I only bought it because I wanted it!)

Being a coffee lover, this is great, pop a pod in, press the button, out comes coffee...and decent coffee at that! I've always had a filter coffee machine, I still have one, but this is taking it to the next level. There is no guesswork with measurements, there is consistently great coffee every time, and best of all it's way cheaper than all the coffee places in town...and just as good, so from now on coffee is at mine!

The final thing for now isn't an electrical gadget, but a shortcut item...a few years ago I was introduced to 'Cake Release', and haven't looked back.

Now I know that it's cheating, and for years I managed just fine with the 'grease and flour' method, but this is just so easy...it's grease and flour in one easy step, and right now it's staying a firm favourite in my kitchen.

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