4 September 2012


It appears the missing photos are most likely (ok definately) my fault...I was clearing up my albums on my mobile, and seem to have deleted my Picassa Web albums linked to the blog...so now need to go through and reinsert them all!!! In all 170 odd posts...

So keep with me guys, it's gonna take a while but I will get there...



  1. Hey, I have done just the same 6 month ago and I hadn't even saved all my pictures!So I had to cook some of the dishes again.
    I think it is easily done if you don't know they are linked together with Picassa (and I certainly had no idea!).
    Hope you don't get too depressed. You have been very sensible in saving all your pictures and it is just a matter of time and you'll be up and running again.
    Take care X

    1. Thanks Alida...I'm annoyed more than anything...but hey, it's a learning curve...and I know I won't do it again!!!


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