25 February 2012

Lunch Box Bakes...#2

Here we are the weekend already, and I need to think about what is going into lunch boxes for the week ahead...so...following on from the Gooey Brownie Traybake, the other favourite for the lunch box snack is home-made cookies.
There are millions of versions of cookies out there, and after spending hours looking for the perfect one, I am still no closer..we have ones we like, but they still have flaws...especially if I am in one of my 'tweaky' moods!! The last batch I made were half ok, half not...why half only?? Let me show you...

As I have just said, there are loads of basic cookie dough recipes out there, so I use my basic mix that has been developed through trial and error, over time.

Makes: about 24
Ingredients: (can be adjusted to suit tastes)

125g butter, I use salted and don't add the pinch of salt a lot of recipes say to add.
200g sugar, I use golden caster
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg, large
200g plain flour
1/4 tsp bicarb
1/4 tsp baking powder

Then I add the flavours...this last batch was half chocolate and orange, half chocolate and hazelnut...but they didn't go to plan!!!


Cream the butter and sugar together, add the egg and vanilla, slowly add the flour until just combined...I use my Kenwood Chef, turning it to minimum speed when adding the flour, so the mix doesn't get overworked.

 Then I separated the mix into 2 bowls...
To one I added the grated zest of almost an orange...that is to say 3/4 of an orange-ish...and about 75g white chocolate chunks.
To the other I added about 75g milk chocolate chunks and 2-3 tsp of chocolate hazelnut spread.

Mix to just combine the ingredients.

I used two dessert spoons to make rough balls of the mix, and placed on lined baking sheets...there was another sheet with the rest on...

I baked these for about 10 minutes at 180c, and as you can see the chocolate orange ones worked well...

 ...but the chocolate hazelnut have spread way too much and becaome a patchwork of cookies!!! I think the added spread made the mix too wet...next time I am thinking ground hazel nuts and chocolate chunks???

So Hubby suggested using a large cutter whilst they were still gooey to cut them into rounds...which is exactly what I did...

...And the end results...look ok I think... 
Although after the taste test, the chocolate hazelnut ones were also very very sweet...so ground hazels next time definitely...


  1. omg these cookies look amazing!
    they must taste heavenly :)

    1. Thanks, they are...the white choc and orange are definitely the favourite here...so much so that I've had to make more goodies for lunch boxes...as these have all gone!! (we did share with cousins!!)

      S x


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