13 February 2012

Kids in the kitchen...

As it is half-term break here in the Uk...I thought I'd post about getting your children involved in cooking...Mine are always pestering me to help with the cooking, and we're not just talking desserts and cookies...I've had mine peeling potatoes and helping to make cottage pie and spaghetti bolognese quite often.
My 2 started off chopping soft veggies using a normal table knife, things like mushrooms and courgettes, for pasta sauces, then as they've got older they have been taught how to use a kitchen knife safely, and will now help with pretty much anything (if they're in the mood that is) Their favourite savoury things to help with being Pizzas, Homemade burgers, My Bolognese Sauce, and mashed potato...there's nothing quite like smashing those potatoes to release after-school tensions! Sweet things include anything from cupcakes and cookies to pavlova and celebration cakes...Having them next to me in the kitchen is a nightmare great! No seriously, although I often curse having anyone in my kitchen...when they do come and ask to help or make something I will let them if humanly possible at that time...
Of course, it is often as I am:

  1. about to leave the house
  2. about to get them ready for bed 
  3. about to dish up the dinner
  4. trying to read a book/article/newspaper/magazine
  5. in the middle of doing something completely un-kitchen related
But I do try...and half term is an ideal time to get them in the kitchen...and this half-term, we are at Grandma's, so maybe she will let us loose in hers!!!???

Past projects we have tackled can be seen below...
Using melted chocolate and
as many sweets as we could find!
Decorated digestives..

The 2 Towers...

This one was called
Stonehenge Digestive...

...She got a Highly Commended...
Volcano cupcakes for
a Brownies competition...

A Union Jack Cake for
The Royal Wedding
Last Year...

Our secret Burger Recipe...
we may share one day...

So what shall we make this half-term?? Well so far they've already helped me make a pavlova, by whisking the cream for the topping, and a luscious, lemony bundt cake..(recipe to follow in another post)...

There are always things they can do to help in the kitchen, and with my 2, if they've helped out with the making and creating, they are much more likely to try new tastes...why not give it a go??

We're off to Grandma's later today, so there may be a few posts...or may not...but I bet Grandma gets them in the kitchen...will keep you posted! Enjoy the half-term and remember Kids in the kitchen can be as simple as those decorated digestives... xx


  1. Hi Sara... Congratulations, you won my 'Mini Crochet Pin Cushion Giveaway'...
    Em x
    Pop over to my blog and drop me an email and I'll get it sent out to you asap:)

  2. Congratulations on winning Em's giveaway. Those cupcakes look fabulous and I'm interested to know what you put in your secret burger recipe!Spill the beans! Love Katie xxx

    1. Will definitely spill the beans later on in a post...keep watching xx

      As for the cupcakes, didn't trim them to keep the pointed tops, then my daughter iced with red, orange and yellow buttercream, then drizzled warm strawberry jam over for the lava effect! All her ideas!

  3. I am super impressed with all the baking you've done with your kids! x

  4. Thanks Rachel,

    Just popped by your blog...it's fab...loving all your photos..xx


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